Details Magazine – Saban Interview Tapes

Details Magazine – Saban Interview Tapes [MP3 Audio]
In their December/January 1989 issue, the magazine included a flexi-disc that was a montage of actual interview recordings from Saban and a page of commentary from Saban. The disc featured goofiness from celebrities who are still pretty well known, the off-the-record kind of moments that never show up in the actual stories but you encounter all the time as a reporter.

The track listings are:
1. Judy Tenuta
2. Emo Phillips’ mother
3. Julio Iglesias
4. Bruce Willis
5. Debbie Harry
6. Judy Tenuta
7. Steven Wright
8. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner
9. Steven Wright
10. Debbie Harry
11. Boy George
12. Debbie Harry
13. Judy Tenuta
14. Dennis Hopper
15. Emo Phillips
16. Emo Phillips
17. Julio Iglesias
18. Julio Iglesias
19. Emo Phillips’ mother
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