Top 10 most promising TV Comedy Pilots

Top 10 most promising TV Comedy Pilots in the works.

Andy Barker P.I. [NBC]
Who’s in it: Andy Richter stars
Who’s Producing/writing it: Conan O’Brien
What’s it about: about an accountant who sets up a business in an office formerly belonging to a private investigator. As he starts panicking that no clients are coming in, people looking for the office’s previous occupant begin to give him detective cases that he somewhat reluctantly takes on.
What it has going for it? Pilot is written by Conan O’Brien. Check out the other pilot Conan O’Brien wrote Lookwell.

Becoming Glen [Fox]
Who’s in it: Rob Corddry (the daiy show), Julie Hagerty (Airplane), Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me)
Who’s Producing/writting it: Ricky Blitt & Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy)
What’s it about:
A successful fortysomething man who looks back at 1994, when he was a 32-year-old slacker (rob corddry) living with his parents and spending all his time lying on the couch watching TV.
What it has going for it? Rob Corddry and Lenny Clarke are both funny guys and it’s written by Seth MacFarlane.

Burt and Dickie [HBO]
Who’s in it: No cast yet
Who’s making it? Owen Wilson, Larry Charles
What’s it about: An odd-couple standup comedy team that can’t ever manage to come out on top, personally or professionally.
What it has going for it?
Larry Charles. Larry Charles has produced and written for Seinfeld, The Tick, Dilbert and Mad About You.

Freak Show (Comedy Central)
Who’s in it: No cast yet

Who’s Producing/writing it:
David Cross and Jon Benjamin
What’s it about:
Animated show about a band of freak show performers who also happen to be second-rate superheroes.
What it has going for it? Good comedy idea and David Cross.

My Secert Public Journal (Comedy Central)
Who’s in it: Mike Birbiglia
What’s it about:
Based on stand-up comic Mike Birbiglia’s popular syndicated radio feature, “My Secret Public Journal” stars the popular comedian as himself, in stories based on his own life experience.
What it has going for it?
Mike Birbiglia . You can hear some of the My Secret Public Journal Podcasts here.

New York Animals (Showtime)
Who’s in it: Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) and Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall).
Who’s Producing/writing it: Paul Reiser
What’s it about: A comedic look at how strangers’ seemingly random lives intersect and affect one another.
What it has going for it? Good cast in
Jennifer Westfeldt , Mark McKinney and it’s written by Paul Reiser.

PS: Amy Sedaris is not in the cast of this show.

Play Nice (CBS)
Who’s in it: Fred Willard (Everybody Love Raymond), Timm Sharp (Marshall on Undeclared), Swoosie Kurtz.
Who’s Producing/writing it:
Lew Schneider, Tucker Cawley
Phil Rosenthal and Gary Halvorson all who worked on Everybody Loves Raymond.
What’s it about:
A responsible sister and irresponsible brother who run the family toy factory together.
What it has going for it?
Fred Willard.

Red State Diaries (Comedy Central)
Who’s in it: Lewis Black (“the daily show with jon stewart”)
Who’s making it: Lewis Black, Dennis Leary
What’s it about: Lewis Black’s rants face reality when he takes to the road to find out what is really going on in the so-called red states.
What it has going for it? Lewis Black.

Special Unit (Comedy Central)
Who’s in it:
Christopher Titus
Who’s Producing/writing it: Christopher Titus
What’s it about:
A rebel cop whose on-the-job offenses land him in charge of a squad of physically and mentally challenged officers.
What it has going for it? Christopher Titus.

Untitled Tin Fey Project (NBC)
Who’s in it: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin.
Who’s Producing/writing it:
Tina Fey.
What’s it about: The Head write of a Vaviety Show has to manage her relationship with the show’s volatile star and exective producer.
What it has going for it?
Tina Fey.


I checked with Amy Sedaris about the “New York Animals” show, and not only is she not in it, she’d never heard about it. Where’d you find that info? Thanks!

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