George Carlin and lots of other comics talk about Money

George Carlin talks about Money at
Other Interviews at about money are
Richard Lewis
Paula Poundstone
Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Garlin
Dat Phan
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Sarah Silverman Roasts Hugh Hefner [Video] + Interview

Sarah Silverman Interview in LA Weekly

To young, upcoming comics she advises, “Just get up as much as you can and hang with your comic peers and make each other laugh. It should be what you want to do anyway. Also, I can’t stress this enough — lots of fucking and sucking.”

Jim Gaffigan on being the 61st Most Unsexy Man in World!

Jim Gaffigan on being the 61st Most Unsexy Man in World!

Zach Galifianakis fills in for Amy Sedaris

Zach Galifianakis answers questions in the Sedaratives column in Believer Magazine.

WTF Trailer: The Legend of Simon Conjurer [Video]

The Legend of Simon Conjurer Trailer [Video]. Not a comedy it’s more from the so bad it’s funny. I believe this is the only Movie ever written and directed by “?”.
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Why Do They Settle For Shit?

All about Comics who do the same act for years from Cringe Humor

Sklar Brothers Radio Interview [Audio]

Sklar Brothers Radio Interview on the Murph and Mac Show[MP3 Audio]

Comedian Tony Camin Interview

Tony Camin Interview at One Trick Pony

Atrocious Music Video: Randy Klemola – You’ll have no home orphan [Video]

1950’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Film: Boys Beware [Video]